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2023 New Moon Gatherings & Meditations

Rising Up From Our Roots – Earth Year 2023

Beginning with January’s New Moon on the 21st–and the eve of Chinese New Year, Year of the Water Rabbit–we will set off on a year’s exploration of our Roots, physical and metaphysical. As in 2022, we will continue to draw upon the energies of each month’s New Moon as we journey together through the Wheel of the Year. I’m excited to start off with my fellow Earth Pilgrims!

Click here for the Introduction video, your invitation to our year’s enchanted Journey!

UPdate :: 5.19.2023 The Taurus New Moon joined the Sun for a delightful Taurean Tango on a gorgeous May day here at Lightspring Glen. The Earth Magic Oracle card…..Dragonfly – Emergence……speaks eloquently of the theme of this time of the Spring and of where we have arrived in our year’s journey. Join our virtual Lunar Circle via the video: Taurus New Moon: Celebration and Integration

4.20.2023 Aries New Moon….Part 2! An uncommon second Aries New Moon occurring at 29′ degrees of Aries (known as the “critical” or “anoretic” degree of a Sign) also coincided with a Full Solar Eclipse for quite the momentous celestial event! Enjoy the lively video that came through: Aries New Moon & Solar Eclipse

A most marvelous and magickal gathering for the Aries New Moon partnered with the Vernal Equinox all occurring in the same 24-hour period. WOW!! Much to enJoy and draw inspiration from in this video: Aries New Moon and Spring Equinox 2023

A lovely and warm-hearted Zoom group gathered for the Pisces New Moon on February 19th. Our Lunar-year’s Journey with Grandmother Moon continues in fine and cosmic fashion. Pisces New Moon – Celebrating Her Gifts

What a lively *live* first Zoom gathering for this new Year! You can go here to enjoy the video

2022’s Beginnings:

What a wonderful first Year of these New Moon meditations! The final one became a Winter Solstice celebration, December 21st which was actually just two days ahead of the Capricorn New Moon, December 23rd. We were joined by the most wonderful goddess, the Reindeer Goddess, and an especially enchanted visit of a beautiful Snowy Owl. I hope you will treat yourself to time with both and with me, your Lunar correspondent from Lightspring Glen. Winter Solstice Meditation :: 21 December 2022

Beginning with January 2022’s New Moon in Cancer I’ve been hosting Zoom-gatherings each month to celebrate this always-magical time of the Lunar cycle. I began recording the meditations in July. You will find the Leo New Moon’s meditation here: YouTube. August brought the beautiful Virgo New Moon on the 27th: Virgo New Moon — Honoring Water . On September 25th we celebrated the Libra New Moon as well as the Autumn Equinox and the Element of Fire. You’ll find the powerful October meditation here: Scorpio New Moon : Lunar Samhain

Our live Zoom gatherings are open to all through contacting me in advance at . The meditations begin at 7 PM Eastern.

Sacred Geometry

In January, 2022, I began an intriguing exploration of Sacred Geometry through the able and insightful teaching of George Leoniak. As a longtime devotee and student of Labyrinth, this was no doubt destined to happen! George is reaching an ever-widening audience with his exciting Knew Geometry offerings and research shared via YouTube, Facebook, and his Patreon channel. Following the completion of my first Apprenticeship study, I was honored to be interviewed for his “Knew Conversations”. Our lively conversation about Sacred Geometry and its intersection with Labyrinth can be found at this link. I begin a second Apprenticeship this Summer (2022)……no doubt further references will appear here at Golden Spiral Journey!

Between the Realms ~*~

The singular year of 2020 found me venturing onto YouTube when in January I began to create and post videos on the New and Full Moons. With the rigors of the pandemic mounting precipitously in March, I began to offer weekly videos. This link will take you to the channel’s homepage

The latest video posted is of March 19, 2022: Welcoming Spring at Lightspring Glen

Notes of an Earth Pilgrim

Prior to coming over to Word Press, my blog, “Notes of an Earth Pilgrim”, lived at BlogSpot from its inception in 2011 until 2016. All sorts of lovely and lively posts to enjoy there. Here is the link:  Notes of an Earth Pilgrim