Heralding a New Year ~

Releasing 2020 ….. Dawning of 2021

With just one day to go of this [adjective of your choice] year, I’ve managed to complete and share a second and concluding post of the year for the Earth Pilgrim blog. It commemorates the 7th anniversary of my coming to Lightspring Glen. You’ll find it at the top of the Archive list to the right. May you enjoy this trip with me down a very special Memory Lane.

Between the Realms ~*~

Something brand new for this singular year, 2020, was my venturing onto YouTube in January when I began to create and post videos on the New and Full Moons. With the rigors of the pandemic mounting precipitously in March, I began to offer weekly videos. This link will take you to this new creative offering: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmaw74KRj6buHW14etnzuLA

And this….possibly 🙂

In May 2019 I journeyed to the UK with six special friends celebrating my 70th birthday in Glastonbury and in Cornwall. My Muse has been nudging me for rather a while to get started with my writing again. Of the several topics zooming around, the stark contrast of May 2020 and last year’s May very much asks to be contemplated first. Below is a photo taken on that incredible trip, a view of Wearyall Hill through the doorway of St. Michael’s Tower on the summit of Glastonbury Tor.

~* to be continued….. *~

Notes of an Earth Pilgrim

Prior to coming over to Word Press, my blog, “Notes of an Earth Pilgrim”, lived at BlogSpot from its inception in 2011 until 2016. All sorts of lovely and lively posts to enjoy there. Here is the link:  Notes of an Earth Pilgrim