The Door is round and open….

Lunar Eclipse, May 15, 2022 :: Photo by Kopernik Observatory, Vestal, NY

Late evening, Sunday, May 15th, just past 10:30……the gleaming orb of the enormous Scorpio Full Moon slowly begins to dim. Earth’s shadow touches her lower corner starting the Eclipse’s slow sensual slide over Grandmother Moon. Given the forecast of “mostly-cloudy”, it felt a miracle that we were going to be witness to this wonder unfolding in the May sky–Earth, Sun, and Moon in their mesmerizing Eclipse-dance. An hour earlier the Moon’s huge disc beamed coyly through the trees still in new leaf, a play of shadow and silvery splendor. Fingers crossed that Grandmother would lift clear of the tree tops in time.

And we were in sore need of a miracle or two, us Earth-dwellers, snared in a too-often bleak, dis-spiriting barrage of news from near and far. Our electro-devices (unless we choose differently) pour forth unceasing updates and Breaking News. Indeed so: news capable of breaking us….

Those of you who follow these posts know that I am deeply blessed to be the Resident Human of this peace-full, woodland sanctuary, Lightspring Glen…grateful every day for the shelter it provides from the chaos beyond this hillside. I harbor hope that sending out the occasional musing and up-date offers a certain respite for folks elsewhere, flashes of this humble serenity and beauty.

So here I am, barefoot in the wet grass beside the pond, ankle-deep in tiny white and lavender violets. Enfolded in the starry-dark, entranced by the Moon’s reflection on the pond’s dark mirror as she nears the tops of the trees. She’s close to half-veiled now. The frogs offer a full-throated chorus, exuberant in their delight. For them a pure and wild Spring-celebration.

Midnight nears bringing the breath-taking arrival of the Eclipse’s full shadow, and I gasp at Grandmother Moon’s extraordinary transformation. My granddaughter and I pass the binoculars back and forth, exclaiming at the magnified image of the eclipsed Moon floating in the velvet heavens (exquisitely captured by the astronomers of Kopernik Observatory, fifty miles to the southwest ). We feel ourselves in this cosmic line-up –the Sun literally behind us, the Earth on which we are standing at this moment, and before us the gauzy red-glory of the Moon in Earth-shadow– a Dance of wondrous, magical proportions. A deep and reverent stillness settles around us on Richardson Hill (though the frogs carry on lustily). For a while we fill up and fill up with this Wonder, then take a last few looks with our eyes and through the binoculars. We reluctantly go back inside to bed.

Time ticks forward into the 16th day of May, the wee-est of wee morning hours as we slip into dreamland and the Moon slips free of Earth’s shadow. During the night I wake a time or two to find her returned brilliance lighting up my bedroom. I smile and sleep again, welcoming the mystery of transformative energies this wondrous Eclipse is offering. I have been excited at their approach. Eclipses are re-set points in the Wheel of the Year. This one with the Scorpio Moon is bringing some extra-ordinary opportunities to shift and transform on personal and collective levels. Others have elaborated on this beyond what I am adept at doing. Though I am mindful that it is enough to have simply taken in the majesty and ineffable beauty of this Night.

These present times are often described as apocalyptic. A list of all that qualifies it as this is not needed. The word for apocalypse comes from the Greek word, Apokálypsis, which means “lifting of the veil”, or finding the hidden, secret thing. Two and a little more hours on this May night has brought the powerful wonders and ineffable beauty of this Eclipse to the entire world, to all its inhabitants: to us two-leggeds and all our relations. What gifts and lingering effects it leaves us will be revealed in the days, weeks, and months to come. Rumi penned a potent poem to guide us, and that is what I will leave you with now.

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you
Don't go back to sleep.   
You must ask for what you really want.   
Don't go back to sleep.   
People are going back and forth across the doorsill where the two worlds touch.   
The door is round and open.   
Don't go back to sleep.          
   ~ Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi ~   

May the after-glow of the May Lunar Eclipse linger long for you……

Bright Blessings from Lightspring Glen

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