Earth Pilgrim

2019 finds me at a place of transition in my work-in-the-world. Five summers now at this wonderful heart-home, Lightspring Glen. Two years following the publication of Answering Avalon’s Call. My writing life is at a quieter pace. The intermittent blog post on occasion chivvies my attention and efforts as the dates listed in the Archive attest (on right or below) . Yet, the Avalon story continues to unfold behind the scenes, so to speak, and word / words will come to view later this year, I can pretty much guarantee! For those curious to know more / get the latest, visit my Facebook page devoted to this:

What is getting most of my attention and energy is the fun of working on the beautiful 100-year old dairy barn that’s here on my property. In 2018 I engaged the wonderful skills of local craftsman and carpenter, Steve Eisenberg, aka The Barn Whisperer. A marvelous “Barn Christening” took place in June attended by nearly 30 lovely folks enamored by the charms of this vintage barn and eager to help raise its vibrations with a drumming circle in the hayloft.

This Summer further preservation work has been accomplished devoted to securing the barn’s immense beams and was completed by early August. Plans as of this writing are to open the doors once again for a gathering before Labor Day. News and photos are certain to appear on my personal Facebook page……

Notes of an Earth Pilgrim

Prior to coming over to Word Press, my blog, “Notes of an Earth Pilgrim”, lived at BlogSpot from its inception in 2011 until 2016. All sorts of lovely and lively posts to enjoy there. Here is the link:  Notes of an Earth Pilgrim