I think of myself first as a country-woman. I grew up in the Mohawk Valley in Upstate New York, happily immersed in the natural beauties of my family’s ten acre farm where first chickens, then three kids, and then our horses thrived. It was a marvelous, magical childhood. Then off to college and a couple decades devoted to raising my son and daughter, teaching high school English, and being an active part of our community in the Upper Unadilla Valley.

In the 1990s I joined a women’s circle devoted to the study of the Sacred Feminine which ultimately led to the birthing of what I came to realize was my whole Self. It was then that I also claimed my Writer’s Voice. In 2001 an opportunity to take part in a women’s writing retreat in Glastonbury, UK brought me home to my Ancient Self and full commitment to becoming an Earth-healer, especially to working with Water. The first decade of the New Millennium brought training as a labyrinth facilitator with Dr. Lauren Artress of Grace Cathedral, several marvelous years of study with Dr. Jean Houston and Peggy Rubin, and the publication of two novels. Evolving from being a mom to becoming a grandma came along too, a role I cherish. Starting in 2006 I began leading pilgrimage groups to Glastonbury and the sacred sites of southwest England concluding this wonderful work in 2015.