Answering Avalon’s Call

Cover image is the work of Mano Mannaz, Peace Prayers

A video from my YouTube channel that delves into Answering Avalon’s Call, its back story and a reading from the book:

From the back cover:

“In the Summer of 2001, Carol Ohmart Behan made her first pilgrimage to Glastonbury re-tracing the ancient pilgrim path to the Isle of Avalon, luminous sanctuary of the Goddess and the Grail. Her quest became a catalyst for her work as a writer, pilgrimage leader, and teacher of Earth-wisdom. A dramatic encounter with her past-life self as a 16-century healer opened the door to her true 21st-century identity as an Earth-healer and voice of the Divine Feminine, which is re-emerging in the world once again.”

Carol’s extraordinary memoir will lead you back home to your own soul. She is a wonderful story teller, in tune with the mystery. Her book is a unique blend of spiritual teaching, poetry, and simple life wisdom.  Molly Harvey, CEO Harvey Global

Words from me….

After the many-years’ journey with this monumental undertaking, the greatest and most joyful challenge of my writer’s life, Answering Avalon’s Call is now “out in the world” published in May (2017) by O-Books of John Hunt Publishing which is head-quartered in London. With their help it is now finding places in bookstores and other “brick and mortar” outlets as well as in cyber-space. You can help too by asking your favorite independent bookstore to order it and have it in stock. (definitely a win-win!)

A. A.’s Call has its own Facebook page, naturally. Please have a look and (hopefully) “Like” it so the latest news and related literary posts will find you…..your support will be greatly appreciated!

The book is available both at Amazon (offers a “Look Inside” view) or directly from me. I’ll send you a signed and personalized copy with my great thanks! Support the writers you know and love 🙂

To order the book from me, please send a note to or via Facebook message.  The price is $23 and includes shipping. It can be paid through PayPal invoice or by personal check.


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