41131_1364570043159_1498875841_30873007_3878402_nIf you have chosen to visit this corner of the World-Wide-Web, you just may be hearing Avalon’s mysterious Call. Perhaps you already made the Journey and hope to return, or you’re yearning to set off in answer to its summons.  Avalon (aka
Glastonbury, Somerset, UK!)  began calling to me in the mid-1990s, and all the right synchronicities aligned for me to make my first pilgrimage there in early August of 2001, just a month before 9/11… almost in a different Time from now.  As it is for many when they set foot on the Isle of Avalon, when I stepped off the bus that brought me to Glastonbury from Heathrow Airport, I knew at once that I was not “arriving” … I was “returning”.  And with that as my first vivid impression, the ten days that followed were extraordinary and wonderful.

When good fortune allowed my return twice more, people began to approach me with the suggestion that I help others come to Glastonbury and other sacred sites I’d explored in Southwest England. And so in 2006 I had the incredible honor and pleasure of escorting the first group of Glastonbury Pilgrims across the Atlantic Ocean and through the mists of Avalon. The story is woven into the pages and chapters of Answering Avalon’s Call : The Mystical Odyssey of an Earth Healer…..visit its page here on my website for further details…..

Golden Spiral Journey in part serves as a portal for all who are stirred by the ineffable beckoning from this timeless place where modern-day Pilgrims find Earth’s Heart Chakra and an ancient and potent sanctuary of the Divine Feminine.

Entry points via the InterWeb include my Avalon Facebook page, Answering Avalon’s Call…… 

NEW for Beltane 2022 !  A newly-found video that offers a marvelous tour of Chalice Well Gardens ending with your arrival at the Holy Well. Here’s its link Happy exploring!

A very rich site is Palden Jenkin’s The Ancient Landscape Around Glastonbury….I highly encourage you visiting it!

Chalice Well and cover holding the sacred image of the Vesica Pisces